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The Heritage Group 

In keeping with time honored tradition, each meeting includes club business, a program, usually an outside speaker, and a potluck lunch at our historic Clubhouse. Table decorations are created by a hostess team for each meeting.

In addition, members participate in field trips, community service projects, and social events. Most Heritage Group programming takes place during the daytime. 

There is no meeting or service requirement.  The level of participation is up to each member.

Join the Heritage Group 

Meetings, Programs, and Events

Active, fun, educational, inspiring, and much more.

Meetings: the Heritage Group meets at our Clubhouse at 10:30 am on the first Wednesday of each month from September through May.

Each meeting includes: club business, a program, usually an outside speaker, and a brown bag lunch. Table decorations are created by a hostess team for each meeting.

Events: The second week of the month features a mix of fun and educational field trips or off-site activities.  Below is a list of recent Programs and Events by month.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Why Join Us? 
Social engagement, community service, fun and food. These are some of the reasons why members say they love the Heritage Group. 

The camaraderie and the friendship. The interesting conversations and also the delicious food we share.

    C. Bonner

The feeling of community with new friendships; wonderful conversations, neighborhood outreach and goodies to eat.   

  B. Breese

Our history and our legacy... the community and service that we do, the friendships and the programs.

    S. Marsh

Making new friends, doing good deeds, going places I'd never see. My interests are piqued in so many ways, HHWC makes my days.  

    C. Jackson

Heritage Group Community Outreach

The Heritage Group (HG) participates in a number of hands-on community outreach programs yearly. We also engage in close collaboration with the Houston Heights Woman's Club Evening Group on multiple projects benefitting Heights area public school students and school libraries.

HG Community Outreach 

Opportunities to Engage 

The Heritage Group thrives because of the dedication and commitment of its members.  There are many ways to participate in the Club: attending a meeting, volunteering to work with a small team to coordinate hostess duties, participating in one or more of our community outreach programs, or serving on our Board in an elected or appointed position.

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